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Clear & Clean offer commercial cleaning services all over the South West including Devon and Cornwall. We take pride in our work ensuring that your premises are sparkling clean when we leave. We offer a wide variety of services including render cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, uPVC cleaning, conservatory cleaning and commercial cleaning. We’ve included a brief summary of render cleaning and window cleaning below.

Commercial Render Cleaning in progress at Truro College, Cornwall.Commercial Render Cleaning

Render­ cleaning or soft washing is a chemic­al cleaning process d­esigned to kill mildew, fungi, algae (red, green & black) and other contaminant­s growing on the exte­rior of buildings. Tr­aditionally buildings­ were pressure washed­ and repainted to rem­ove the marks and sta­ins caused by these c­ontaminants. However,­ the results often va­ried and did not prov­ide a sustainable app­roach to improving ap­pearances.

The problem with pres­sure washing is that ­it only removes conta­minants growing on th­e surface of the stru­cture, it doesn’t act­ually remove the spor­es from the microstru­cture. It can also ef­fect structural rende­rs and finishes due t­o the high pressure i­nvolved.

Once your commercial premises ha­s been chemically clean­ed to remove spore gr­owth and stains we re­commend having your premises treated with a bi­ocidal wash at the fi­rst signs of regrowth­. It is not only easier­, but also cheaper to­ treat surfaces again­ following the initia­l clean. This will en­sure your surfaces st­ay revitalised for ye­ars to come.

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Extendable Soft Washing brush being used for Render Cleaning in Devon.Commercial Window Cleaning

Our commercial window cleaning features three important elements that all work to ensure the windows on your premises are clean. High reach poles almost eliminates the use of ladders. Our extendable poles allow us to clean your windows safely from ground level up to 50ft.

The use of pure water will allow your windows to dry naturally to a streak free finish. Your windows may take a few cleans before they are spotless, this is due to contaminants on the windows. Pure water technology system will deliver 100% pure water to your windows. No chemicals or detergents are used and the process is environmentally friendly. While impurities in ordinary tap water can cause spotting and streaking, once your windows have been cleaned and all contaminants removed your windows will dry streak free.
Our high quality professional brush heads and hot purified water will leave your uPVC and windows with a great finish.

Hot water cuts through dirt, snail trails, fly spots and spider webs much easier than cold water. Heated pure water absorbs dirt and gives a great finish. Clear and Clean are fully equipped with the streamline heatwave.

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