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Our main services are render cleaning (soft washing) and roof cleaning although we offer many other property maintenance services including gutter cleaning. We are fully trained in algae control and removal using soft washing techniques to make sure the algae and moss spores are killed for a lasting effect. We work with heated purified water when we clean windows and gutters to make sure the end result is a clean property. Clear & Clean cover the whole of Devon and Cornwall!

Render Cleaning

Pollution, weather and the environment can cause significant damage to the render on your home. Algae, moss and pollution can cause damage if left untreated. Soft washing is based on certain elements: chemicals (professional use only biocide) and weathering (rain, wind, sun etc). During the cleaning process, we use biocide or SH, whatever the customer chooses us to use. Soft washing cleans, kills and treats the exterior of the property within the administration. No before hand treatment is given. The method of this process is based on low pressure cleaning and is gently applied to walls. No pressure washing is used.

Render cleaning Plymouth, Devon.
Gutter cleaning Plymouth, Devon.

Gutter Cleaning

The gutters are the first defence against leaks but when they become clogged, the gutters can overflow. Having your gutters cleaned will minimise insect nesting, mould and spore growth. The gutters are internally vacuumed removing all debris. We use a vacuum system that is fully equipped with CCTV, operated from the ground level going up to 50 feet. This ensures the safety of us and our clients. All gutters are then washed with heated purified water and specially adapted brush heads to ensure a great clean finish.

Roof Cleaning

The environment can cause many issues with your roof such as moss, lichen and algae. They cause your roof tiles or roof sheet coating to decay and corrode which causes damage to roof tiles and contributes to the blocking of gutters creating further maintenance problems. Soft washing attacks the root of the problem; the rooftop fungi. The process will also prevent the fungus from returning soon after as it does when pressure washing is used. Many believe a simple solution of water and bleach will rid their roof of fungi but it won’t.

Roof cleaning Plymouth, Devon.

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