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At Clear and Clean, we have been doing property maintenance for a number of years now. We do work on removing
organic growth from render, cleaning patios/drives, removing moss from roofs and window cleaning. One service that we also offer is vacuuming gutters. Vacuuming gutters isn’t exactly the hardest or the most expensive service we offer but it can be one of the most important services in maintaining your property. Time and time again we see gutters get neglected causing organic growth to grow inside and outside the gutters, and even the occasional plant growing from inside the down pipes, causing them to get blocked. So here is a bit of information in regards to our guttering system.

Why do we have gutters on our properties?

Gutters are the first line of defence against any weathering problems it may face. They are used to collect rain water (which can be a lot living in the UK ) that lands on your roof and stops damage to the substrate of your home and the foundations of your property. The water which is collected by your gutters will be directed to a nearby drain, thus reducing the chances of it weakening areas around your properties.

The importance of having your gutters regularly maintained

Gutters will regularly be filled with dirt, moss and leaves which is usually sitting on your roof and falling into them. The result of this can cause a number of affects such as:

  • Gutters being blocked and having nowhere for the rain water to go.
  • Excess weight from water.
  • Water overflowing and causing damage to your substrates.
  • Growth in the down pipes making them harder to clear.

A lot of people also don’t know that insurance companies could reject a claim for water damage caused by blocked or leaking gutters, as the damage could have been prevented.

At Clear and Clean we use an industrial vacuum system powerful enough to suck out the organic growth, reaching gutters up to 48ft. Once the gutters are vacuumed, our service includes all windows and upvc being cleaned using our Streamline Heatwave hot water system.

The reasons stated above show how important it is to have your gutters regularly maintained. Gutter cleaning is affordable and could save you ££££££££ on expensive repairs. There is no perfect time to have your gutters cleared, but we would recommend planning around Autumn/Winter to clear up all the leaves which may have fallen into them.

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